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Release status

Summer 2021 is currently being rolled out between May 2021 and August 2021, during maintenance hours in your region. Organization admins will receive notification emails advising of the updates and maintenance hours for their organization.

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These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf.

All upgrades take place outside of normal office hours for all regions. Endpoints automatically restart and reconnect to StarLeaf after the upgrade.

StarLeaf operates a system of rolling upgrades across our data centers, which are distributed globally. New features may be enabled separately.

New features

Background noise suppression

Requires apps 4.10. Windows and macOS only.

Background noise in your work environment such as keyboard typing, fan noise, dogs barking, and other noises will now be filtered out from your audio to create a better meeting experience for everyone.

Improved meeting experience between organizations

Requires Portal 6.10

People using StarLeaf in different organizations who join your meeting now have an enhanced meeting experience with access to the following features:

  • In-meeting chat
  • Raise and lower own hand
  • Layout options
  • Participant list visibility

These features will only be available to all participants when each organization in the meeting has been upgraded to Portal 6.10.

Messaging between organizations

Requires apps 4.9 and Portal 6.9

You can now initiate chats with users from different StarLeaf organizations. Send messages and share files to anyone on StarLeaf, outside of your own organization.

To start a chat with someone external, use the New chat button on the Today or Chat tab and enter their full email address.

If the user is not yet on StarLeaf, you will have the option to invite them. Messaging between organizations is currently available for one-to-one chats only, not group chats.

For more information about sending files and messages, go here.

Archive chats

Requires apps 4.8

You can now hide any one-to-one or group chat from your Chats tab, with archiving.

To archive a chat on desktop, right-click on a chat and select Archive. To archive a chat on mobile, press and hold on a chat, and select Archive.

For more information, go to Archiving a chat.

New buttons on Today tab

Schedule meeting: Schedule StarLeaf meetings in just a few clicks. Requires Windows 4.10 and macOS 4.10

New chat: Start messaging with anyone on StarLeaf. Requires Windows 4.9 and macOS 4.10

Invite people: Invite friends, colleagues, or anyone else to join you on StarLeaf. Requires Windows 4.9 and macOS 4.9

Same as system audio option

Requires apps 4.9

In Audio & video settings, you can now set the microphone and speakers to be the same as your system settings, for example, the microphone and speakers used by your Windows laptop.

Virtual background collection

Requires apps 4.9

In the Background tab in Audio & video settings, there is now a link to browse and download from the StarLeaf background collection. Images from this collection are the correct file type and resolution to replace your background with.

Virtual backgrounds for NVidia and AMD devices

Requires apps 4.9

StarLeaf now supports virtual backgrounds with devices using the following AMD or NVidia graphics cards:

  • Intel HD Graphics: Generation 9 or later
  • NVidia: any card that supports Direct3D Feature Level 12.0
  • AMD: any card that supports Direct3D Feature Level 12.0

Improvements to power and CPU usage

Requires apps 4.10

Improvements in the performance of StarLeaf on your laptop and mobile devices have been made. As a result, you will experience:

  • Reduced battery drain while in a StarLeaf video call.
  • Reduced CPU usage while in a StarLeaf video call. This will help to reduce the fan noise from your laptop.

Enhanced sleep controls for GT Mini and GT 3351

Requires version 4.9

For StarLeaf rooms that use a GT Mini or GT 3351 codec, you can now choose to keep the room system’s camera active when you are locally sharing content. This is useful if you are using your laptop to join a third-party meeting, but want to share content to the room’s screen, and use its camera for the meeting.

To do this, enable the Camera keep awake while local content is shown setting from the Edit room page on the StarLeaf Portal, then connect your laptop to the room system using the HDMI and USB cables provided.

Admins must first contact StarLeaf Support to enable this setting for their organization.

Improvements to video and audio-only tiles layout

When you are in a meeting, participants who have joined the meeting with video turned on, are now given priority over audio-only participants in the tiles view.

For example, in grid layout, if there are 25 video participants and more audio-only participants, the video participants will be shown in the top 25 tiles at the start of the meeting or before anyone speaks.

If an audio-only participant speaks, their tile will come into view, replacing a video participant’s tile. The audio-only participant will then remain visible in the tiles until they are no longer in the top 25 speakers.

Self-service billing

You can now purchase licenses for your organization with a credit card through StarLeaf. This will work worldwide but is currently only available in UK pounds. Other currencies will be added over the next month.

For more information, go to Upgrade your StarLeaf account.

Support for Poly headset buttons

Requires Windows app 4.10

With StarLeaf for Windows, you can now use call controls with the buttons on certain Poly headsets:

  • Mute/unmute microphone*
  • Answer and end a call
  • Adjust the volume of the call

*To use push-to-talk, you must still use the space bar to unmute your microphone.

See here for a list of supported headsets.

Functionality may vary depending on the headset you have. Refer to Poly documentation for more information.

Updates to the StarLeaf Data Processing Addendum (DPA)

View the updated StarLeaf DPA document on the StarLeaf and GDPR compliance page.

This DPA is updated as of 2 June 2021 and is incorporated into and subject to the terms and conditions of your Service Agreement as an addendum. For questions concerning this document, please contact your StarLeaf representative or send an email to

Issues resolved

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