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Release status

Spring 2021 is currently being rolled out between January 2021 and May 2021, during maintenance hours in your region. Organization admins will receive notification emails advising of the updates and maintenance hours for their organization.

On this page:


These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf.

All upgrades take place outside of normal office hours for all regions. Endpoints automatically restart and reconnect to StarLeaf after the upgrade.

StarLeaf operates a system of rolling upgrades across our data centers, which are distributed globally. New features may be enabled separately.

New features

Schedule live streams to external platforms with StarLeaf schedulers for Office 365 and Outlook Exchange

With StarLeaf Scheduler for Office 365 and Outlook Exchange, you can now create a stream of a StarLeaf meeting to a third-party platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. Live streaming is useful if you want to allow a wide audience to view a live meeting, discussion, or company update.

When you schedule a StarLeaf meeting from your calendar, select Live stream to external platform and enter your Stream URL and key.

For more information about live streaming to external platforms, go here.

Large meetings

Requires apps 4.4.19 and Portal 6.7

Have the full StarLeaf experience with up to 300 participants in any meeting.

For more information, see Large meetings.

To schedule large meetings, you must have a paid host license.

Virtual backgrounds

Requires Windows 4.5 and macOS 4.7

You can now blur or replace your video background, with StarLeaf for Windows and macOS.

For information on how to blur or replace your background, see Blur or replace background.

All custom backgrounds must be a JPG or JPEG image, of at least 1920 x 1080 pixels in size.

Streaming to external platforms

Requires apps 4.5 and Portal 6.7

You can now live stream a broadcast of a StarLeaf meeting on a third-party platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Live streaming is useful if you want to allow a wide audience to view a live meeting, discussion, or company update.

When scheduling a meeting from the StarLeaf Portal, open Advanced settings, then tick Live stream to an external platform. Depending on which external platform you want to stream to, enter the Stream URL and/or Stream key.

For more information, see Live streaming to external platform.

Message replies

Requires apps 4.5 and Portal 6.7

You can now directly reply to any message or attachment sent to you in StarLeaf.

On desktop devices, hover your cursor over a message, click the reply icon, then send your message as normal. On mobile devices, hold and swipe right on a message, then send your message as normal.

A quote from the message that you are replying to is sent alongside your message.

Message forwarding

Requires apps 4.6 and Portal 6.7

You can now forward a message and/or file in a chat to another person or group.

On desktop devices, hover your cursor over the message and click the three dots to display more options. Select Forward and the person or group you want to forward the message to. On mobile devices, press and hold a message, then select Forward.

Call toolbar improvements

Windows and macOS only. Requires apps 4.6 and Portal 6.7

Improvements to the in-call toolbar and layout controls have been made. You can now switch between video layouts using the new layout controls that appear when you hover your cursor over the video.

AV settings can now be accessed more easily in the main in-call toolbar.

New features on StarLeaf Room for Poly

Dual-screen support

Requires version 1.29

Dual-screen functionality is now supported on StarLeaf Room for Poly.

Connect your Poly video bar to both of the room system screens. When dual-screen mode is active, StarLeaf will show video on one screen, and shared content on the other. For more information, see Dual-screen support for StarLeaf Room for Poly.

1080p video and content

Requires version 1.29

1080p video receive and content is now available on StarLeaf Room for Poly. This feature requires a Business or Enterprise room subscription.

To enable or disable 1080p video receive and content for your organization, go to Portal Edit organization > Advanced settings.

You can override the organization default on a per-room setting in Portal Room systems > Edit room system > Advanced settings.

For more information about StarLeaf resolutions and bandwidths, go here.

Support for multiple cameras on StarLeaf Room for Poly

StarLeaf Room for Poly now supports setups with multiple cameras if your room has a Poly X50 or Poly G7500.

StarLeaf Room for Poly type Type of camera support
Poly X30 Built-in camera only
Poly X50 Built-in camera and one USB camera
Poly G7500 One, two, or three cameras (one HDCI and two USB)

For more information, go to Supported camera setups.

StarLeaf Room for Windows

StarLeaf Room for Windows is the simple video meetings solution that lets you build your meeting room your way.

A StarLeaf Room for Windows consists of:

  • A Windows PC running StarLeaf with a camera*, microphone* and TV* attached
  • An Android phone or tablet as a controller

To learn more, see StarLeaf Room for Windows.


Improved meeting experience on browsers

If you are participating in a StarLeaf meeting using Google Chrome, you can now share your screen without having the Screen Share for StarLeaf Click-to-Call extension installed. To share your screen, click the sharing icon at the bottom of your call window:

StarLeaf now also supports Microsoft Edge 79 (or higher) for browser calling.

StarLeaf for Windows proxy support

Connections through proxies on StarLeaf for Windows are now possible. For more information, go to Proxies and video conferencing.

End of support for joining meetings with Internet Explorer 11

Starting 3rd April 2021 (and possibly earlier for pre-release customers), StarLeaf will no longer support joining meetings through the browser Internet Explorer 11. If you attempt to join a StarLeaf meeting using Internet Explorer 11, you will be advised that it is not possible and prompted to instead use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge 79 or higher.

You can continue to access the StarLeaf Portal using Internet Explorer 11.

Issues resolved

Select a release below to display the bug fixes and improvements effective in that release.

What version am I on?

For instructions on how to find out what version of Portal or StarLeaf you are on, select one of the following:

Known limitations

For per-vendor interoperability information, refer here.

Reference ID Description
30792 Due to a bug in Intel’s current drivers for devices with a Gen12 GPU (sometimes referred to as “Xe graphics”), StarLeaf will not work on these devices. Information about this bug has been published by Intel here .

Until Intel releases updated drivers, you can apply the temporary fix described here.

30629 If you restart your PC, you may lose any custom backgrounds that you uploaded to StarLeaf for Windows. You will need to re-upload the images in order to use them again. A fix for this is coming soon.

In rare circumstances, when you attempt to share your screen into a scheduled meeting hosted by another organization, using the Share screen control from the Today tab, an error message incorrectly appears saying how another participant started sharing, causing your screen share to be unsuccessful. StarLeaf is working on a fix for this issue. Joining a scheduled meeting, and using the Share my screen control on the top toolbar, will not trigger this issue.

30535 Sometimes, when inviting someone to StarLeaf, in the invite email, the URL that directs them to find out how to use their already internet-connected video equipment with StarLeaf, will not work. A fix for this is coming soon.
29747 StarLeaf users who are added to a one-to-one call in Skype for Business are sometimes unable to connect to the call.
26170 On Chrome, if you create or edit a room in the StarLeaf Portal, it can sometimes auto-fill the room email address field with an email address that you have previously entered on the Portal. This behavior is caused by the Chrome browser and cannot be changed by StarLeaf.


StarLeaf Room for Poly version 1.29 requires a minimum PolyOS version of 3.2.2. If you upgrade to StarLeaf Room for Poly 1.30 with a PolyOS version which is too old, the room system may become stuck in a reboot loop until you perform the PolyOS upgrade.

Most systems are set to auto-update the PolyOS version, but others may need to manually upgrade through the Poly webUI.

27853 StarLeaf Room for Poly: In certain circumstances, the room screen’s wallpaper can appear distorted when the room system wakes from sleep mode. Waking up the touchscreen controller by pressing Camera controls or Contacts returns the room wallpaper to normal.