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These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf meetings.

All upgrades take place outside of normal office hours for all regions. Endpoints automatically restart and reconnect to StarLeaf after the upgrade.

StarLeaf operates a system of rolling upgrades across our data centers, which are distributed globally. New features may be enabled separately.

New features

StarLeaf Room for Poly

Available on Portal 6.3

The StarLeaf experience on a range of Poly hardware. ​

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility and choice to build best in class, feature-rich video meetings in rooms of any size​
  • A consistent and familiar StarLeaf user interface on non-StarLeaf hardware in your meeting spaces​
  • Easy installation

StarLeaf supports the following Poly hardware:

  • Poly Studio X30, X50, OR X70 with TC8 controller
  • G7500 with TC8 controller

Contact your StarLeaf representative to purchase StarLeaf endpoint subscriptions for Poly. For more information about installation requirements, see Installing StarLeaf Room for Poly.

Join a meeting without signing in

Available on app version 4.0

If you have downloaded StarLeaf but are not signed in, you can now join a StarLeaf meeting by using the meeting ID. On any device, open StarLeaf and select Join meeting:

Enter the meeting ID, then select Join.

Dark mode support for iOS

Available on app version 4.0

If you have dark mode enabled on your iOS device, StarLeaf automatically changes its user interface colors to subtle shades of black and gray as shown below.

Today tab on Windows and macOS

Available on desktop app version 3.18

There is a new tab called Today in StarLeaf for Windows and macOS. This tab displays your ongoing and scheduled meetings for the current day, and join buttons for each.

From the Today tab, you can also join a different meeting using a meeting ID, or create your own instant meeting from Start new meeting and invite others to join you.

Smart Layouts for Windows and macOS

Available on desktop app version 3.18

Smart Layouts provide a content-aware video meeting experience. Video, content and/or self-view panes do not overlap each other in a video meeting using Smart Layouts. You can also click and drag your self-view to any corner of the meeting window.

For general information about video layouts for meetings , go to Meeting layouts.

Smart Layouts for mobile

Available on mobile app version 4.1

Smart Layouts is now available on Android and iOS, including iPads and Chromebooks. You can choose between different video layouts while you are in a meeting: grid, active speaker with strip, and active speaker.

Improved screen sharing and mini call window on macOS

Available on macOS app version 3.19

Screen sharing

StarLeaf now provides an improved screen sharing experience and mini call window feature on macOS.

When you share content in a meeting or one-to-one call, you will notice a new Share control bar at the top of the screen. This Share bar turns green while you are sharing, and if your shared content is in a window, a green border appears around it as shown below.

You can change the screen or application you are sharing by selecting the Share bar dropdown.

Mini call window

Minimizing your meeting on your Mac now turns it into a mini call window as shown above. You can click and drag on the video to move the call window around your screen.

Hover your cursor over the mini call window to access call controls such as microphone and video mute. Click the maximize icon in the top-right to return the call window to its normal size.

New in-call look and controls for mobile

Available on mobile app version 3.19

When you are in a call or meeting on StarLeaf for iOS or Android, you will see a new user interface as shown below.

From your mobile, you can now share your screen to others in the call and use the raise hand feature in Spotlight meetings.

Content sharing on StarLeaf for iOS requires a minimum of iOS 13.5

Example above is taken from an Android device. For more information on screen sharing from any device, go to Share my screen.

Muted microphone indicators

Available on desktop app version 3.19

When you mute your microphone, you now see a muted indicator in your call window as shown below.

Push-to-talk for Windows and macOS

Available on desktop app version 3.18

When you are in a call or a meeting scheduled by someone in your organization and your microphone is muted, you can now press and hold the space bar to temporarily unmute your microphone.

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS

Available on desktop app version 3.18

When you are in a call or meeting, the following keyboard shortcuts for your microphone and camera are now available:

Turn microphone on / off
Windows Alt+A
macOS Shift+Command+A
Turn camera on / off
Windows Alt+V
macOS Shift+Command+V

Speaker test in AV settings

Available on desktop app version 3.18

You can now test your speakers in Audio & video settings from your Account tab or during a call. Select Play test sound as shown below.

Host plans

StarLeaf is launching simplified pricing for meetings, using a host-based model.

There are three subscription plans: Basic host, Business host, and Enterprise host.

Included features and prices vary across plans. To find out more, contact your StarLeaf representative or go to starleaf.com .

A host is a person who has the ability to create unlimited meetings. This includes instant and scheduled meetings but only one meeting at a time can occur. Hosts can choose for their meeting to start when they join or to start when other users join.

All host plans feature:

  • Unlimited one-to-one meetings
  • Group messaging and one-to-one chats
  • Telephone dial-in for 50+ countries
  • Interoperability with all other business video tools
  • Outlook and Google calendar integrations
  • Microsoft Teams integration

Admins can assign or remove a host license to or from a user in StarLeaf Portal > Customer / My organization > Users

Basic host plans: group meetings are limited to 45 minutes and will automatically end after this duration of time.

Usage limits

Available on mobile app version 4.1

StarLeaf has introduced new advisory messages and limits relating to Host licenses, meetings, and usage. For example, when a Host tries to join a meeting but already has another meeting in progress, they will see a message such as:

You have another active meeting. To start this meeting, first end your other meeting.

To view more about the different Host plans and licenses available, go to Manage host licenses

Issues resolved

Select a release below to display the bug fixes and improvements effective in that release.

What version am I on?

For instructions on how to find out what version of Portal or StarLeaf you are on, select one of the following:

Known limitations

For per-vendor interoperability information, refer here.

Reference ID Description
27615 If you are using a device that is running iOS 12 or earlier, you cannot copy the meeting ID or certain meeting links from StarLeaf to your clipboard

If or when a StarLeaf Huddle is turned off and on again, the MAC address can change to a random address. StarLeaf are working on a fix for this for existing Huddle room systems. Newly purchased Huddle room systems will not experience this issue

27048 StarLeaf green buttons for Microsoft Teams meetings that use Pexip as the Teams gateway provider will not always work with Office 365 ATP Safe Links . A fix for this is coming soon
12067 In some circumstances, when a Skype for Business client attempts to add video or content into a StarLeaf meeting with no other video participants there can be unexpected call failure
11755 There is a BFCP interoperability issue between Cisco VCS and the StarLeaf Cloud which can cause screen share to be disabled mid call
10858 Internet Explorer 11: When you access a user page on the Portal using Internet Explorer 11, the time zone selection box automatically opens