These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to the StarLeaf Cloud, Portal, and endpoints. This is a feature release and is effective from September 2018.

All upgrades take place outside of normal office hours for all regions. Endpoints automatically restart and reconnect to the Cloud after the upgrade.

StarLeaf operates a system of rolling upgrades across our data centers, which are distributed globally. New features may be enabled separately.

New features

Cloud 8.1 provides the following new features:

StarLeaf app

StarLeaf room systems

StarLeaf Outlook add-in for Office 365

StarLeaf app

Do not disturb

StarLeaf users now have the ability to set do not disturb in the app. This feature is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

When do not disturb is set, all notifications for messages, calls, and meetings are disabled. Do not disturb is indicated by a red presence icon over the user’s avatar. It can be set for a duration such as 1 hour or until a specific date and time that is chosen by the user.

To set do not disturb, select the bell icon from any screen in the app and choose a duration from the options provided. If you choose Until…, select a specific end date and time. To end do not disturb early, select the bell icon and select End now.

Chat wallpaper on Windows, macOS, and iOS

A new background wallpaper is available in chat conversations on Windows, macOS, and iOS. An Android version will be available in the future.

To change your wallpaper in the app, go to Account > Chat wallpaper

Increased character limit for messages

The character limit for sending and receiving messages in the app is now 4,000 characters. In previous releases, this was only 500 characters.

Updated behavior for users who leave a group

If a StarLeaf user is removed from or leaves a group in the app, the user loses access to past messages and content and can no longer view these.

StarLeaf room systems

Improved audio levels

Cloud 8.1 updates volume levels on GT Mini and provides an increased output volume range.

6/10 is the default volume level. This level does not modify the digital volume level of the playback stream. Below 6/10 attenuates the volume. Above 6/10 adds gain with a limiter to the signal to boost the volume.

Support for pink noise

GT Mini now has support for playing pink noise which helps with calibration of audio peripherals when you are installing the room system. You can use the touchscreen controller to play the noise. Hold down the home button and press 28346 (this spells AUDIO).

The GT Mini plays pink noise for 60 seconds, or until the home button is pressed again. The test tone is pink noise at a level of -20dBFS RMS. When you play the pink noise, the volume resets to default.

Starleaf Outlook add-in for Office 365

Local number in the dial-in instructions

When you schedule a meeting using the add-in for Office 365, the default PSTN number provided in the dial-in instructions is now a local number. For example, if your organization location setting in the Portal is the United Kingdom, the dial-in details provided are:

Issues resolved

Bug fixes and improvements effective in StarLeaf Cloud 8.1:

ID Description
StarLeaf on Windows

Improvements to the user experience when signing up to StarLeaf and joining a meeting using a meeting ID

StarLeaf on macOS

Improvements to the user interface of the Portuguese version


If your app is open but you are inactive for 5 minutes or more, messages are no longer marked as read until you become active again. In addition, your status becomes ‘last seen’ when your app is open but you are inactive

StarLeaf on iOS

General improvements to the user interface of the call screen


In previous releases, under rare circumstances, the back button is not visible on certain pages in the app. Cloud 8.1 fixes this issue


In previous releases, the message delivery status is not always accurate. Cloud 8.1 fixes this issue


In previous releases, if you are on the details page of a chat conversation with another user, the presence icon of the other user does not update unless you exit and reenter the details page. Cloud 8.1 fixes this issue and the presence icon on the details page updates in real-time


In previous releases, the in-call view briefly reappears when you open the app shortly after completing a call. Cloud 8.1 fixes this issue

StarLeaf on Android

General improvements to the user interface


Improvements to support the new notification categories controls introduced by Android 8.0


In previous releases, under rare circumstances, when a user leaves a private group the app can sometimes crash. Cloud 8.1 fixes this issue


Improvements to the support of Xiamoi phones

StarLeaf meeting room systems

Improvements to ringer and output volumes on GT mini

Versions in Cloud 8.1

Component Minimum version in Cloud 8.1
StarLeaf Windows 2.18.30
StarLeaf macOS 2.18.36
StarLeaf iOS 2.18.26
StarLeaf Android 2.17.20

Known limitations

For per-vendor interoperability information, refer here.

Reference ID Description
10858 Internet Explorer 11: When you access a user page on the Portal using Internet Explorer 11, the time zone selection box automatically opens
11755 There is a BFCP interoperability issue between Cisco VCS and the StarLeaf Cloud which can cause screen share to be disabled mid call
12040 Using Click-to-Call in the Safari browser on OSX sometimes results in difficulties receiving shared content and dropped calls when the Safari tab is minimized for longer than 10 seconds. This is due to the AppNap feature on OSX that puts background applications to sleep if they are not in the foreground
12067 In some circumstances, when a Skype for Business client attempts to add video or content into a StarLeaf conference with no other video participants there can be unexpected call failure