These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to the StarLeaf Cloud, Portal, and endpoints. This is a feature release and is effective from November 2017.

All upgrades take place outside of normal office hours for all regions. Endpoints automatically restart and reconnect to the Cloud after the upgrade.

StarLeaf operates a system of rolling upgrades across our data centers, which are distributed globally. New features may be enabled separately.

These release notes also document the latest update to the StarLeaf Add-in for Microsoft Exchange Server. If you have deployed the add-in without auto-upgrade, ensure you now upgrade your users to the latest version of the add-in, which is available here .

New features

Cloud version 5.2 provides the following new features:

Feature Description
Redesigned meeting joining flow

StarLeaf Cloud 5.2 introduces a redesigned user experience for joining a StarLeaf meeting. Participants who are invited to a StarLeaf scheduled meeting will receive an email meeting invitation which will send them to a re-designed web page:

Users can simply join the meeting in the following ways:

  • Join with browser: This launches a browser video call using StarLeaf Click-to-Call
  • Use a phone for audio and view meeting in the browser: Some users like to use a phone as their microphone and speaker and view the video and content of a meeting silently on their laptop
  • Use StarLeaf app: Some users will want to join the meeting from the StarLeaf app on their desktop or mobile. Choosing this option will launch the app for existing users or direct the participant to the app download page
  • Use Skype for Business: This option will launch Skype for Business and allow the participant to join the meeting (either by video or voice-only)
  • Join from a room system: This option shows information about how to join the meeting from different room systems (StarLeaf, Polycom, Lifesize, Sony, Radvision, Avaya, or a SIP device)

The guest invite user experience has also been given the same re-design.

Redesign of Click-to-Call browser calling

StarLeaf Cloud 5.2 introduces a redesigned user experience for Click-to-Call:

Click-to-Call is browser-based calling and is useful where external participants want to join your meeting, or where you want to provide a link for external individuals to have a point-to-point browser video call with anyone in your organization.

Guest invites include a link to call the person who sent the invite point-to-point from a web browser.

You can include a link in your email signature (or elsewhere) that launches a browser ready to call you. For more information, refer to Using Click-to-Call.

You can also create links to allow video calls to anyone in your organization from your web sites or applications. For more information, refer to Browser Click-to-Call links

Cloud API

Cloud 5.2 introduces the following additions to the Cloud API:

  • Reseller request to disable/re-enable a user
  • Organization admin request to disable/re-enable a user
  • Additional parameter to allow disabled or deleted users to not be removed from conferences

For more information, refer to Using the StarLeaf Cloud API

Strong passwords for all new organizations

Cloud 5.2 introduces strong password support for all new organizations.

The StarLeaf Portal supports the use of ‘strong passwords’. This means that any StarLeaf Portal user account must be secured with a ‘strong password’. This has been available since Cloud 4.2. For more information, refer to Strong password support

Improvements to CDRs

Cloud 5.2 introduces:

  • Improved readability of call detail records (CDRs) in the StarLeaf Portal
  • Connection time is shown in the down-loadable CSV file of CDRs. This indicates the time at which a call was answered and is in addition to the ‘Start time’ for a call
  • Encryption status is shown as N/A for unsuccessful calls, because calls that are not connected cannot be encrypted. Previously, unsuccessful calls appeared to be unencrypted

Issues resolved

Cloud 5.2

Bug fixes effective in StarLeaf Cloud 5.2:

ID Description
Cloud and interoperability
7527 In previous versions, certain Lifesize endpoints (Team, Room and Express) that were registered to the Cloud did not display video when dialed into a third-party conference (for example BlueJeans and Zoom). Cloud 5.2 fixes this issue
10522 Deleting a user from an organization will now remove that user from all conferences in that organization, unless you specify that the person must not be removed. In the StarLeaf Portal, when you choose to delete a user, you will now be presented with the option of removing that person from all conferences or not
12791 In previous versions, under certain conditions, a recording of a video conference would only contain video (or content if it was a recording of a shared screen) for the first few minutes and would then be an audio-only recording. Cloud 5.2 fixes this issue
13935 In previous versions, Click-to-Call users making a browser-based call using Firefox would not be able to successfully share their screen. Cloud 5.2 fixes this issue
14244 In previous versions, Lifesize Team/Express/Room endpoints on 5.0.9 software did not display the correct video address for the calling party on an inbound call. Cloud 5.2 fixes this issue
14447 One-time codes for user authentication for StarLeaf on desktop and mobile devices now remain valid for two hours. Previously, a one-time code expired after 30 minutes which caused problems in deployments where email filtering services cause delay to email delivery
StarLeaf app and Breeze
Messages are no longer readable from the lock screen on macOS. If your screen is locked, you will only see that there is a message notification
14171 Improved stability for Breeze and the app on Windows

Add-in for Microsoft Exchange Server version 1.1.4b2

Bug fixes effective in StarLeaf Add-in for Microsoft Exchange Server version 1.1.4b2:

ID Description
12693 In the previous release, some users saw an error message after they were unexpectedly required to log in to the add-in. Version 1.1.4b2 fixes this issue
12862 The user experience for converting an existing meeting into a StarLeaf meeting has been improved

For more information about the add-in, refer to Outlook Add-in for Exchange Server: admin information.

Known limitations

For per-vendor interoperability information, refer here.

Reference ID Description
5454 Breeze full screen mode is not supported on Mac OSX versions below 10.7
10858 Internet Explorer 11: When you access a user page on the Portal using Internet Explorer 11, the time zone selection box automatically opens
11755 There is a BFCP interoperability issue between Cisco VCS and the StarLeaf Cloud which can cause screen share to be disabled mid call
12040 Using Click-to-Call in the Safari browser on OSX sometimes results in difficulties receiving shared content and dropped calls when the Safari tab is minimized for longer than 10 seconds. This is due to the AppNap feature on OSX that puts background applications to sleep if they are not in the foreground
12067 In some circumstances, when a Skype for Business client attempts to add video or content into a StarLeaf conference with no other video participants there can be unexpected call failure
12134 For calls where one participant is using a Polycom Trio, audio and/or video might stop when starting or stopping content share