These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to the StarLeaf Cloud, Portal, and endpoints. This is a maintenance release and is effective from March 2017.

All upgrades take place outside of normal office hours for all regions. Endpoints automatically restart and reconnect to the Cloud after the upgrade.

StarLeaf operates a system of rolling upgrades across our data centers, which are distributed globally. New features may be enabled separately.

Issues resolved

Bug fixes effective in StarLeaf Cloud 4.3:

ID Description
1746 StarLeaf Cloud provides improved interoperability for H.323 endpoints that are connected to a network that uses Cisco VCS neighboring.
6553 In previous releases, a Dell U2410 screen would turn on and off repeatedly when connected to the HDMI B connector on a GT Mini 3330. StarLeaf Cloud 4.3 fixes this issue.
10093 In earlier releases, under rare circumstances PT Mini 3020 and GT Mini 3330 could experience unexpected restart. StarLeaf Cloud 4.3 fixes this issue.
10460 StarLeaf Cloud 4.3 provides improved noise reduction for the Conference Phone 2220.
10631 In the previous release, StarLeaf calls could unexpectedly disconnect when dialing into a WebEx conference. StarLeaf Cloud 4.3 fixes this issue.
10723 In StarLeaf Cloud 4.3, the timezone for Turkey is correct.
10833 StarLeaf Cloud 4.3 provides improvements to microphone gain level where the Conference Phone 2220 is used in combination with external loud speakers.
10900 In the previous release, in certain Skype for Business deployments with incorrectly configured DNS records, users experienced some calls disconnecting unexpectedly. StarLeaf Cloud 4.3 fixes this issue.
11056, 11180 StarLeaf Cloud 4.3 provides increased reliability for Click-to-Call (WebRTC).
11123 In the previous release, StarLeaf calls routed via Videxio infrastructure unexpectedly disconnected. StarLeaf Cloud 4.3 fixes this issue.
11133 StarLeaf Breeze for Windows now provides improved support for a Bluetooth speakers and headsets.
11208 StarLeaf Breeze for Windows now supports multibyte characters such as Chinese Pinyin.
11219 In the previous release, Acano clients using SIP would see no video on joining a StarLeaf scheduled conference. StarLeaf Cloud 4.3 fixes this issue.
11231 StarLeaf scheduled conferences have a new blue background color and speaker highlight color.
11319 The StarLeaf Cloud now supports trunks to external SIP calling providers that use Audiocodes SBC.

Known limitations

For interoperability issues, refer to the article here.

Reference ID Description
5454 Breeze full screen mode is not supported on Mac OSX versions below 10.7.
9922 Limitations in the add-ins for Internet Explorer and Safari determine that, currently, calls from those browsers (WebRTC) to audio-only users are not supported.