These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to the StarLeaf Cloud, Portal, and endpoints. This is a feature release and is effective from October 2016.

These release notes also document the latest version of the StarLeaf Microsoft Outlook Add-in for Windows.

All upgrades take place outside of normal office hours for all regions. Endpoints automatically restart and reconnect to the Cloud after the upgrade.

StarLeaf operates a system of rolling upgrades across our data centers, which are distributed globally. New features may be enabled separately.

New features

Cloud version 4.0 provides the following new features, which are each described below:


Feature Description
Web browser calling and conferencing

StarLeaf Cloud now allows for video calling to take place within a web browser. Video calling within a browser is sometimes known as WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication).

People who want to join a StarLeaf conference (and who do not have their own video equipment) no longer have to download Breeze to do so.

  • Anyone can now directly dial in to a StarLeaf conference from their web browser, simply by clicking a link.
  • Anyone can now directly call any StarLeaf Cloud endpoint from their web browser. This includes StarLeaf room systems, StarLeaf desktops, StarLeaf Breeze, and any H.323 or SIP endpoint that is registered to the StarLeaf Cloud.

Guest invites now include a link to call the person who sent the invite point-to-point from a web browser.

If you are a StarLeaf user, you can now include a link in your email signature (or elsewhere) that launches a browser ready to call you.

You can also create links to allow video calls to anyone in your organization from your web sites or applications. For more information, refer to Browser Click-to-Call links.


A video call from Chrome browser to a StarLeaf desktop:

Cloud version 4.0 introduces support for video calling in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Cloud version 4.0 also introduces support for video calling in Safari and Internet Explorer with a add-in. To support this functionality, video callers need at least:

  • Firefox 45
  • Chrome 46
  • Safari 9 (requires add-in)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (requires add-in)
  • Opera 39
New conference controls for StarLeaf endpoint users

When in a conference, the StarLeaf touchscreen controller and Breeze show new controls. You will have access to these controls if you are:

  • the conference owner in an ad hoc (QuickMeet) conference
  • a participant in a scheduled conference

These controls are not available to participants dialing into a conference from outside an organization.

Participant controls

You can now individually control (mute or remove) every participant in a conference. Participants who have been individually muted using these controls see a ‘you are muted’ notification. When there are five or more participants, the participant list becomes horizontally scrollable.


New controls on the layout tab allow you to change your layout (including a new conference layout: see below)

Conference control tab

The new conference control tab allows you to:

  • Lock conference: This prevents any more participants from joining this conference. Those that attempt to do so instead see a splash screen telling them that the conference is locked
  • Mute all: This control mutes all other participants in the conference. Participants muted in this way see a ‘you are muted’ notification
  • End conference: This control causes the conference to end and all participants to be disconnected from it. There is a confirmation dialog before the conference is ended
Phone 2105 General Availability Cloud version 4.0 provides support for the StarLeaf Phone 2105.
Cloud API

StarLeaf Cloud version 4.0 provides support for the StarLeaf Cloud API. This API enables channel partners and customers to create bespoke solutions. The Cloud API includes requests for creating and updating conferences, sending guest invites, and for reseller users, managing customer accounts and adding users. For more information, refer to the Cloud API information:

Cloud API

or contact StarLeaf technical support.

Hunt groups Hunt groups can now be configured through the Portal. This is an additional option. Contact StarLeaf technical support or your reseller if your organization requires hunt groups.
Customizable branding

A new feature in the StarLeaf Portal allows branding of touchscreen and Breeze user interfaces, of emails, and of Portal pages (for example, conference invite emails, guest invite emails, the logos that you see in the Portal).

If required an organization can purchase this feature.

Alternatively, channel partners can purchase this feature for the purpose of branding all their customer organizations.

Conference improvements
  • A new conference layout for speaker-only. In this layout, only the current speaker is seen in a large pane. Counters display the numbers of additional audio and video participants in the conference. You can select this layout:
    • as the default layout for conferences on the Edit organization page
    • from the touchscreen controller or Breeze during a scheduled or ad hoc conference to change your view of the conference in which you are participating
    • when you schedule a conference in the Portal:

  • When you are scheduling a conference, the StarLeaf Portal now warns you if a meeting room you have selected is already booked
  • You are no longer automatically disconnected if you are the final participant in a conference
  • Audio-only and video-muted participants do not occupy a video pane in the conference layout. Instead, they are listed by name (or telephone number, or URI) with an icon indicating status:
    This is an audio-only participant

    This participant has muted video

    This is a video participant, but there are insufficient panes in the conference layout to display everyone in the conference

In the image below, you can see the new speaker-only layout with other participants listed in the top right along with their status icons and the recording icon.

  • The new default layout for ad hoc conferences will be the ‘large speaker with strip’ layout:

    To change the default layout for conferences, go to Edit Organization > Advanced settings > Default layout for conferences.
Camera support

The VHD-V61 PTZ camera is now supported for use with GT Mini 3330 and Group Telepresence 3351.

Issues resolved

Bug fixes effective in StarLeaf Cloud 4.0:

ID Description
6364 In the previous version, under rare circumstances where a participant joined a conference via an attended transfer, conference participants received no audio or video. StarLeaf Cloud 4.0 fixes this issue.
8880 In the previous version, under certain circumstances the sharing of content did not survive a call transfer. StarLeaf Cloud 4.0 fixes this issue.
8911 In the previous version, in a call using SIP, if there was a SIP request to put the call on hold, this could cause the call to disconnect. StarLeaf Cloud 4.0 fixes this issue.
9079 Cloud 4.0 introduces a change to avoid unnecessary updates to the capability set sent to H.323 endpoints.
9113 In the previous release, G.722 audio was corrupted on H.323 calls interworked to SIP by the Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server. StarLeaf Cloud 4.0 fixes this issue.

StarLeaf Microsoft Outlook Add-in for Windows

Download the latest version of the Outlook Add-in here.

New features

New features in StarLeaf Microsoft Outlook Add-in v1.1.1b7:

Features Description
Install for ‘all users’

By default the StarLeaf Outlook Add-in installer installs to a single user profile in Windows.

Optionally, you can now use the ALLUSERS flag to control this behavior:

  • ALLUSERS=0 This is the recommended default and installs to a single user. The add-in automatically upgrades in this case
  • ALLUSERS=1 This causes a machine-wide install and in this case, auto upgrade is disabled. You need to manually push upgrades to your users
Join now support on StarLeaf GTm The Join Now button on the StarLeaf GTm is now supported for StarLeaf scheduled conferences. The button lights green and allows someone to press-to-join if the meeting room has been invited to a StarLeaf scheduled conference. Previously, the Join Now button on the GTm only supported Skype for Business meetings.

Issues resolved

Bug fixes effective in StarLeaf Microsoft Outlook Add-in v1.1.1b7:

8727 For the best user experience, StarLeaf recommends that Outlook is not running during installation of the add-in. The add-in now asks the user to close Outlook if it is running during installation.
9383 You can now edit the time of single meeting occurrence as many times as you want.
9539 The Forgotten your password link on the add-in login window now launches the correct web page.

Known limitations

For interoperability issues, refer here.

Reference ID Description
5454 Breeze fullscreen mode is not supported on Mac OSX versions below 10.7.
9922 Limitations in the add-ins for Internet Explorer and Safari determine that, currently, calls from those browsers (WebRTC) to audio-only users are not supported.