This page provides information about new features potentially coming to StarLeaf in 2021 that are released to certain organizations for final testing. Thank you for your participation.

StarLeaf continuously strives to improve its products and service. Please send any feedback you might have about these beta features to your StarLeaf representative.

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Beta products and features

Message broadcast groups

Requires apps 5.1 and Portal 6.12

When you create a group chat, you now have the option to allow all members or only admins to send messages and start meetings in that group. Message broadcast groups are a great way to communicate company-wide announcements and important information.

Improved profile editing for iOS

Requires iOS 5.1 and Portal 6.12

From the Account tab in StarLeaf for iOS, you can now update your name and phone numbers.

Automatic call re-connect

Requires apps 5.1 and Portal 6.12

If you lose network connectivity and the call disconnects, StarLeaf automatically tries to reconnect you.

Issues resolved

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