This page provides information about new features potentially coming to StarLeaf in 2021 that are released to certain organizations for final testing. Thank you for your participation.

All products and features on this page are subject to change and might be turned on or off depending on their stability and success.

StarLeaf continuously strives to improve its products and service. Please send any feedback you might have about these beta features to your StarLeaf representative.

On this page:

Beta products and features

Group chats between organizations

Requires apps 4.10 and Portal 6.10

You can now add users from different StarLeaf organizations to your group chats. External people can also add you to their StarLeaf group chats.

To add someone external to your group, go the group details pane, Add member and enter their full email address.

The person you add will receive an invite to join the group which they can accept or remove. External members cannot become group admins.

Currently, group chats between organizations are limited to StarLeaf reseller organizations and StarLeaf colleagues and are not yet available to customers.

Display future StarLeaf meetings

Requires apps 4.10 and Portal 6.10

On the Meetings tab, you can now use the date picker to view all StarLeaf meetings scheduled on a future date.

Sharing meeting details from the Meetings tab

Requires apps 4.11

From the Meetings tab, you can now copy and share the details of any meeting. Click either the sharing icon in the top right-hand corner, or hover your mouse and click on a specific heading in the meeting details pane:

This feature is only available for Windows and macOS devices.

Background noise suppression for mobile

Requires apps 4.11 and Portal 6.10

On iOS and Android devices, background noise in your work environment such as keyboard typing, fan noise, dogs barking, and other noises will now be filtered out from your audio to create a better meeting experience for everyone.

Poly headset controls for macOS

Requires macOS app 4.11

With StarLeaf for macOS, you can now use call controls with the buttons on certain Poly headsets:

  • Mute/unmute microphone*
  • Answer and end a call
  • Adjust the volume of the call

*To use push-to-talk, you must still use the space bar to unmute your microphone.

See here for a list of supported headsets.

Functionality may vary depending on the headset you have. Refer to Poly documentation for more information.

Trusted StarLeaf badges

Requires apps 4.11

In chats, you can now recognize members of the StarLeaf team by the trusted blue tick beneath their name:

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Known limitations

Reference ID Description
32110 In the Portal, when you attempt to delete a recording or view the recording’s details on the All Recordings page, this causes an error. A fix for this is coming soon.