This page provides information about new features potentially coming to StarLeaf in 2021 that are released to certain organizations for final testing. Thank you for your participation.

All products and features on this page are subject to change and might be turned on or off depending on their stability and success.

StarLeaf continuously strives to improve its products and service. Please send any feedback you might have about these beta features to your StarLeaf representative.

On this page:

Beta products and features

Schedule live streams to external platforms with StarLeaf schedulers for Office 365 and Outlook Exchange

With StarLeaf Scheduler for Office 365 and Outlook Exchange, you can now create a stream of a StarLeaf meeting to a third-party platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. Live streaming is useful if you want to allow a wide audience to view a live meeting, discussion, or company update.

When you schedule a StarLeaf meeting from your calendar, select Live stream to external platform and enter your Stream URL and key.

For more information about live streaming to external platforms, go here.

StarLeaf for Windows proxy support

Connections through proxies on StarLeaf for Windows are now possible in beta version. For more information, go to Proxies and video conferencing.

Support for Chromebook

You can now have video meetings, content sharing, and instant messaging on your Chromebook, using StarLeaf for Android.

For information on how to install StarLeaf on your Chromebook, go to StarLeaf for mobile and tablet.

Minimum requirements

Operating system: Chrome OS with Android 6.0 or later

Some older Chromebooks do not include Android, so are unable to run StarLeaf

Processor: Intel Core i5 or higher

Issues resolved

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What version am I on?

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Known limitations

Reference ID Description
26170 On Chrome, if you create or edit a room in the StarLeaf Portal, it can sometimes auto-fill the room email address field with an email address that you have previously entered on the Portal. This behavior is caused by the Chrome browser and cannot be changed by StarLeaf.