Release status

Autumn 2021 is currently being rolled out between September 2021 and December 2021, during maintenance hours in your region. Organization admins will receive notification emails advising of the updates and maintenance hours for their organization.

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These release notes provide you with information about the latest upgrade to StarLeaf.

All upgrades take place outside of normal office hours for all regions. Endpoints automatically restart and reconnect to StarLeaf after the upgrade.

StarLeaf operates a system of rolling upgrades across our data centers, which are distributed globally. New features may be enabled separately.

New features

Mark chat as unread

Requires apps 5.0 and Portal 6.11

If you read a chat, you can now mark the chat (or chat group) as unread if you want to re-read it at a later date. Right-click on a chat on desktop, or touch and hold on a chat on mobile to see this option.

Speaking while muted notification

Requires apps 5.0

When you are muted in a call or meeting and begin to speak, StarLeaf detects this and shows a notification informing you that you are still muted. The notification disappears after 3 seconds.

Option for host to end meeting for everyone

Requires apps 5.0 and Portal 6.11

As a host, when you leave a meeting, you now have the option to end the meeting for everyone else at the same time as you hang up. If you do not end the meeting for the remaining participants, they can continue to communicate with each other after you have left.

Improved support for virtual cameras

Requires apps 5.0

Support for a wider range of virtual cameras for broadcasting, such as OBS.

Issues resolved

What version am I on?

For instructions on how to find out what version of Portal or StarLeaf you are on, select one of the following:

Known limitations

Reference ID Description
The following limitations apply to support for virtual cameras on Windows
32474 DroidCam source 2 does not work on Windows 7.
32416 With certain combinations of virtual backgrounds and virtual cameras, your video input may freeze. To resolve this, restart StarLeaf and avoid combining the use of virtual backgrounds and virtual cameras.