As you add users to the organization, the Cloud automatically adds them to the company directory. In addition, you can configure other directory entries.

Your directory (address book) can contain any contact details that it is useful for you to have in your directory. Clearly, this includes video addresses of partners, but might also include contacts’ telephone, email, and cell (mobile) details.

Connection from your StarLeaf endpoints to the public telephone network is an optional extra. For more information, contact your StarLeaf representative.

Editing the directory

To edit the directory:

  1. Select Directory entries from navigation menu.

  2. Select to add new directory entry.
  3. Fill out contact entry details:
    • First and Last name
    • Work, home, and/or Cell number or address

      A contact address can be an IP address, a URI, or a PSTN number

  4. Click Apply to submit any changes.

By default, the first two directory entries are support contacts. So long as you do not edit or delete these entries, they remain as Auto entries and can be updated by Cloud upgrades. StarLeaf recommends you add in the numbers of an internal support person, and the technical support contact of your reseller. Directory entries that you make yourself are not affected by Cloud upgrades.

Hiding users from the directory

It is possible to hide users in the directory. You can choose whether individual users will appear in the directory or not. By default, every user will appear in the directory. To hide a user from the directory:

  1. Go to Edit user.
  2. Scroll down to Dialing details and uncheck Show in address book.