Select My profile from the navigation menu. The My profile page appears:

Your profile is pre-populated with your account details. These are the details of your own personal account. Edit if necessary:

  • Email address: Your email address is your unique identifier and you cannot change it. It is also your video address
  • First name/Last name: Your first and last names appear in the display of your StarLeaf device. Your name is also used in the directory and in the voice and video mail system. If you send an invite to a conference, or an invite to use StarLeaf Breeze (software endpoint), the invites are sent in your name
  • Password: To change your password, enter a new password here. This is the password that you use to log into the Portal and also into StarLeaf Breeze
  • Cell number/Work number/Home number: You can put your other contact numbers in here. These appear in the company directory. If your organization account allows calls to the PSTN, people are able to contact you on your other contact numbers. Connection from your StarLeaf endpoints to the public telephone network and or to SIP trunk calling is an optional extra. For more information, contact your StarLeaf representative
  • Language: You can choose a language for your own account or you can use the default organization languaage. StarLeaf Breeze and StarLeaf endpoints have localizable user interfaces. StarLeaf Cloud also provides localized emails and end-user pages in the StarLeaf Portal:
    • meeting invite emails
    • guest user invite emails
    • Breeze activation emails
    • My profile page on the StarLeaf Portal
    • Meetings page on the StarLeaf Portal

    Emails are sent in the language of the inviter, unless the StarLeaf Cloud knows the language of the receiver, then the email is in the correct language for the receiver

  • Timezone: You can choose a different timezone if you are not in the default timezone for the organization
  • Layout for QuickMeet conferences:
    • Use organization default: Select this to choose to use the organization’s default conference layout for all your QuickMeet conferences. The organization default is configured in the Edit organization page of your own organization
    • Or choose a particular layout for QuickMeet conferences. Layouts are described in Conference layouts