Your settings

As an organization admin in the StarLeaf Portal, you can:

  • add and edit users and room systems
  • view details of your organization’s account
  • view your own personal profile
  • view and create your own scheduled meetings

User email notifications

Certain user changes trigger email notifications:

  • When you set up a new user, that user receives an email telling them to activate their account
  • When you first provision a user with a hardware endpoint, you can choose to send that user information about settings and dialing details
  • When a user creates a scheduled or permanent meeting, each participant receives an email. Any subsequent changes to this meeting can also cause participants to be notified by email
  • Certain emails are generated by the sending of StarLeaf app guest invitations. For more information, refer to About invites

Calling to telephone networks

Connection from your StarLeaf endpoints to the public telephone network and or to SIP trunk calling is an optional extra. For more information, contact your StarLeaf representative.