StarLeaf Business and Enterprise user plans are subject to a fair use policy.

StarLeaf is committed to providing a very high quality service at a price that reflects true value for money. However:

(a) We do not operate a call prioritization policy;

(b) We carefully manage our capacity to ensure that, in line with the number of customers on the network and a usage profile that fits business customers, enough capacity is provided.

As with all Cloud service offerings our platform is shared and if a group of users use a disproportionately large amount of capacity (i.e. operate a disproportionate number of concurrent multiparty conferences) then this will drive up the cost of supplying the service to all users.

To ensure that we can provide a high quality service at a competitive price, this Fair Use Policy applies to the use of the service.

StarLeaf user plans are designed to be used by individual users where each user of the service has a licensed account. Accounts are not designed to be shared between users and doing so would violate the fair use policy.

User plans are not designed to allow organizations’ room systems to free-ride on the unlimited meetings capability which is offered under the User plans. To this end, room video conferencing systems are only permitted to use the service if an organization has purchased at least 25 user licenses for every room system (owned by the customer) that is used with the StarLeaf service.

The regular scheduling of meetings (or creation of permanent VMRs) by individuals for users other than themselves is not allowed under the fair use policy unless the user for whom the meetings are being scheduled also has a license (e.g. a managed service concierge or PA can schedule meetings for other users who themselves have a license).

StarLeaf reserve the right to update the fair use policy from time to time.