Large meetings of up to 300 participants are possible on StarLeaf. Select a topic below to find out more.

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About Large meetings

300 is the maximum number of participants that can join. The best large meeting experience is achieved when the majority of users join using the StarLeaf app.

For large meetings where only a few people will be talking or presenting but where there are many participants who want to view and listen, consider scheduling a Spotlight meeting.


To schedule large meetings, you must have a paid host license.

Known issues

There are some known issues in the behavior which StarLeaf is currently working on and may fix in a future release. These are:

Reference ID Description
1488 If more than 100 external participants (users from a different StarLeaf organization) join the meeting, all participants may experience reduced video quality.
28502 For people joining the meeting in poor network conditions, there will be improved video quality in a future release.