The StarLeaf Zoom integration makes it simple to join Zoom meetings from your StarLeaf room system. The integration allows the green join button on the StarLeaf touchscreen to light up for Zoom meetings, enabling participants to join with one press.

How to integrate your Zoom meetings

Prerequisite: H.323/SIP Room Connector Plan with Zoom

There are two ways to integrate your Zoom meetings with the StarLeaf join button. You can:

  • invite the room system at the time of scheduling the meeting or
  • forward the email invite to the room system

Invite the room system

When you are scheduling your Zoom meeting, invite your StarLeaf room system like another guest to the Zoom meeting using the room’s video address.

For the Zoom integration to work, ensure that your room system is configured with a video address with the format: <subdomain>
You can change the video address of a room system in the StarLeaf Portal.

In the examples below, we invite using Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar.

Outlook Calendar

Google Calendar

The join button on the touchscreen controller lights green 10 minutes before the meeting is due to begin. When you are ready to join, press join.

In all calendar invites, the location field must contain the original Zoom link that autopopulates that field. Do not edit this.

Forward the email invite to the room system

If a meeting has already been scheduled, you can forward the email invite to a room system video address and this will cause the join button to light green when the scheduled meeting is due to start.

How languages are supported

When a participant uses the StarLeaf join button to join a Zoom conference, they will be greeted in the language appropriate to the location of the data center in which the organization’s StarLeaf account is hosted. For example, if your StarLeaf account is hosted in StarLeaf’s data center in Germany, you will be greeted in German.