StarLeaf is available as an app on Zapier .

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About StarLeaf for Zapier

Zapier allows users to build automated workflows (Zaps) between multiple platforms without the need to write any code. Each Zap has a trigger, which starts the workflow and causes an action to happen in other apps. For example, you can create a Zap that automatically makes any new Calendly event trigger a StarLeaf meeting. See Examples and templates for more information.

You can make StarLeaf Zaps that have the following actions when triggered by another app:

  • Create a meeting
  • Update a meeting
  • Cancel a meeting
  • Find a user by their email address
  • Find a meeting by the meeting ID


To create a StarLeaf Zap, your organization must have a:

How to generate an API key for Zapier

When you create a Zap with StarLeaf, an Admin will need to generate an API Key from the StarLeaf Portal:

  1. Go to the Integrations tab, and click Add integration.

  2. Select Custom integration from the Type dropdown menu, and give it a name.

  3. Click Apply. The page refreshes, and an Access token is generated:

  4. When prompted, enter the access token into the connect account window in Zapier, then click Yes, Continue to finish creating your Zap.

Examples and templates

There are several approved templates for StarLeaf Zaps that you can use to automate the creation of StarLeaf meetings when a different app detects a new meeting: