If you are using Poly or Cisco endpoints and these are registered to StarLeaf, you might find it useful to integrate with Synergy SKY Meeting Server. This third-party product will light up Poly and Cisco ‘join now’ buttons for StarLeaf meetings. It will also light up Poly and Cisco ‘join now’ buttons for Skype for Business, Bluejeans, and Zoom scheduled meetings.

To allow the Synergy SKY Meeting Server to connect to the StarLeaf platform:

  • you must create an integration for it on the StarLeaf Portal. This will give you the access token that the Synergy SKY Meeting Server requires. This is described below
  • contact StarLeaf Support and ask for Allow scheduling external conferences to be enabled on your organization’s account
  • refer to Synergy SKY documentation for information about configuring Synergy SKY Meeting Server (available here )


  1. Log in to the StarLeaf Portal: https://portal.starleaf.com .
  2. Go to Integrations > Add integration:
    • Type: Custom integration
    • Name: Provide a name for this integration
    • Do not enable Administrator privileges
  3. Click Apply. You will see the access token.
    Note that the image below only shows an example. You must follow this process for the organization that the client will modify.
  4. Go to Synergy SKY server > General Settings:
    • MCU address/hostname: enter https://api.starleaf.com
    • MCU username: enter X-SL-AUTH-TOKEN
    • MCU password: enter the access token from the StarLeaf Portal

    An example configuration is shown below:


It is worth remembering that the access token provides login access to the organization. Therefore, keep it secret. If you think security of the token has been compromised, regenerate the token using the Regenerate access token control in the StarLeaf Portal.

You can regenerate the access token at any time (Portal > Integrations > Edit integration). If you do so, you will need to enter the new token as the MCU password in Synergy SKY server > General Settings.