You can escalate your Slack instant messaging sessions into live audio and video conferences with data sharing.

StarLeaf’s Slack App delivers seamless integration between Slack instant messaging and the audio and video meeting experience of StarLeaf.

How the StarLeaf Slack App works

The StarLeaf Slack App is a Slack integration developed and supported by StarLeaf, which allows users to easily escalate instant messaging sessions to audio and video meetings by simply typing the /starleaf command in Slack.

In any Slack channel or direct message, type the /starleaf command. This causes all participants to receive a message which contains the following options for joining a meeting:

  • a link that launches a StarLeaf Breeze (or StarLeaf app) call with audio and video
  • a link that launches the meeting in a web browser
  • a code to use if participants prefer dialing in from a StarLeaf room system
  • global dial-in numbers so users can join from their telephones, and other options (such as Skype for Business)

Each Slack channel has an associated permanent StarLeaf meeting. This ensures that, where there is more than one channel, participants join the correct conference and this operates as a permanent space for collaboration.

How to install the StarLeaf Slack App: for admins

The StarLeaf Slack App will soon be available in the Slack App store . In the meantime, admins can get in touch with our support team who will provide a link to an Add to Slack button.

When you receive the button, complete the following steps to install the StarLeaf Slack App:

  1. Select the Add to Slack button. This opens a page in your browser.
  2. If prompted, enter your Slack workspace address and select Continue.
  3. Select Authorize.

All Slack users in your team are now able to use /starleaf to escalate to video calls.

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