The integration documented in this article is supported from Cloud 5.4 onwards.

In an organization with both Skype for Business users and StarLeaf room systems, people will probably want to invite those meeting room systems to meetings hosted on Skype for Business. To do this, a user must invite the address of the StarLeaf room system to the Skype for Business meeting. However, users are unlikely to know that address. In addition, if your organization also uses MS Exchange for room booking, then MS Outlook auto completes the room’s Exchange address (making it less likely that users will enter the correct address for the room system). (Skype for Business meetings are sometimes known as AVMCU meetings.)

The solution is to integrate Skype for Business meetings with MS Exchange room booking and the StarLeaf platform. In this way, users can continue to invite rooms to their meetings (as they usually do) and the Exchange system will redirect those invites to the StarLeaf room system. There are two steps:

  • Configure the Exchange mailbox to redirect meeting invitations to the room’s address
  • Configure the StarLeaf room system with the Exchange email address

How to configure the Exchange mailbox to redirect meeting invitations to the ‘’ address

  1. Log in to the Exchange admin enter (as an admin).
  2. Go to Mail flow > Rules.
  3. Create a new rule.
  4. At the bottom of this screen, select More options.
  5. Set Apply this rule if… and add the following two rules:
    • The recipient is… and select the name of the room account
    • The message propreties… > include the message type and choose Calendaring
  6. Do the following… Cc the message to… (enter the * address of the room using Check names)
  7. Choose Save.

How to configure the StarLeaf room system with the exchange email address

  1. Ensure that your organization allows room systems to be configured with an email address. If it does not, you will need to contact StarLeaf Support to have this feature enabled.
  2. On the Portal, edit the room system. Add the room’s Exchange email address in the email address field. In the image below, the meeting room’s Exchange email address is

    and the room’s address is

Testing the configuration

After you have redirected meeting invitations to the room system’s ‘’ address and you have configure the StarLeaf room system with the exchange email address for that room, test that this works. For example, invite the meeting room to a conference using the room’s email address and see if the Join Now button lights for the meeting.