Select the controller below that you want to connect to the StarLeaf endpoint control API:


The AMX module that StarLeaf provides does not implement a complete UI. This module is designed to provide an underlying layer of communication with the StarLeaf endpoint, and also to provide a very simple, sample UI.

The sample UI allows the AMX programmer to use the module to build a custom UI suited to their needs for the project at hand. The available module only supports IP connectivity at this time.

Contact StarLeaf Support to access the module. StarLeaf makes note of organizations that are using the module and provides all relevant updates for the module as they are developed.

For more information about the API, refer to the other articles in this section of the Knowledge Center.


Extron have developed a StarLeaf module for the GT Mini 3330 and Group Telepresence 3351.

To download an Extron control module, go to the Extron web site .


In this section:

Contact StarLeaf Support to access the module. StarLeaf makes note of organizations that are using the module and provides all relevant updates for the module as they are developed.

About the StarLeaf Crestron module

The StarLeaf Crestron module is a module which connects over IP to a StarLeaf endpoint from a 3-Series controller, over a local network. It provides similar controls to those available on a Starleaf Touch 2035/36 or Touch 2045.

Key features:

  • Call transfer
  • Support for up to two green join buttons for meetings
  • Meeting controls such as mute all, lock meeting, and end meeting
  • Individual participant controls such as mute, remove from and add to the meeting
  • Raise / Lower hand in Spotlight meetings
  • Start / Stop recording
  • Camera presets
  • Screen layout controls for video, content, and self-view
  • Speed dials for Zoom and BlueJeans

The StarLeaf file package

In the module package, StarLeaf provides you with the following files along with the module:

  • a sample program which uses the module and is compiled for an RMC3 controller
  • SIMPL and SIMPL+ source materials to allow for further functionality or customization
  • a VT-Pro graphics package that is configured for an 800 x 480px touchscreen controller

The package, as is, configures the home screen to be similar to the StarLeaf Touch home screen and a sub page is configured for any manual room controls.

Configuring the module with StarLeaf

After installation, you must configure the module with the information of the StarLeaf device it needs to control. You do this in the StarLeaf Portal.

  1. Go to StarLeaf Portal > Room systems > Edit room system.
  2. In Hardware endpoint > Advanced settings > API mode, select Enabled over IP.
  3. Create a password in IP API Password.
  4. Select OK.
  5. On your Crestron controller, press Configuration.
  6. On the Configuration page, enter the IP Address of the StarLeaf endpoint. It must be accessible from the IP address of the Crestron controller.
  7. The IP address can be obtained from the StarLeaf Portal in Hardware endpoint > Advanced settings or from the StarLeaf Touch:

    1. Double tap the home key on the StarLeaf Touch to access Settings
    2. Go to Networking

    You must use a static IP address for the StarLeaf codec and not DHCP, otherwise the codec may issue a new IP address at some future point which could interfere with the Crestron connection.

  8. On the same Configuration page, in the Password field, enter the IP API password you created in the StarLeaf Portal.
  9. Press OK on the touchscreen.
  10. The configuration information will be remembered on any subsequent restart of the controller.

    The screen will show various messages such as “Initializing” as the module connects to the codec and will then display the home screen.

The home screen

The controller home screen is now similar to the StarLeaf Touch. It can display up to two green join buttons for meetings and allows access to calling and directories.

When room controls are configured and customized, the room control button opens a separate screen such as this:


There are some functions which are not available on the touchscreen as they are not available through the endpoint API:

  • adding and deleting favorites
  • displaying personal contacts
  • adding or deleting personal contacts