Crestron and AMX

The Crestron module that is available from StarLeaf supports Crestron controllers from Series 3000 and upwards.

The Crestron / AMX modules that StarLeaf provide do not implement a complete UI. These modules are designed to provide an underlying layer of communication with the StarLeaf endpoint, and also to provide a very simple, sample UI.

The sample UI allows the Crestron / AMX programmer to use the module to build a custom UI suited to their needs for the project at hand. The available modules only support IP connectivity at this time. Contact StarLeaf Support to access the modules.

For more information about the API, refer to the other articles in this section of the Knowledge Center.

Crestron provides an installation and operations guide for their software, SIMPL:


Extron have developed a StarLeaf module for the GT Mini 3330 and Group Telepresence 3351.

To download an Extron control module, go to the Extron web site .