You can integrate StarLeaf audio, video, and data sharing into your applications. To do so, you simply provide a link for users, which automatically launches a StarLeaf video call with Breeze.

These links are known as Breeze links.

How it works

StarLeaf Breeze apps register the breeze:// protocol on the user device. When a user clicks on a Breeze link, this launches the Breeze app (if it’s not already running) and then Breeze dials the target URI. For example, clicking on

launches Breeze and dials StarLeaf Support at

How to get it working

Embed Breeze links into your applications and see your users automatically launch video calls from within your apps. For example, a link to launch Breeze and dial StarLeaf Support is:

Some client applications do not correctly render links for protocols that they do not recognize. To solve this issue, StarLeaf operates an HTTP redirect service for launching Breeze calls. The redirect service is available at<dial string>