StarLeaf Room for Windows is a video meetings solution that lets you build your meeting room your way.

On this page:


  • StarLeaf Portal admin account
  • If you do not have this, you can request a trial Portal admin account here.

  • Android device that is set up with an appropriate Google account
  • This will be used as the StarLeaf Room Control. See recommended requirements below.

  • Windows PC
  • Camera*
  • Microphone*
  • TV screen*
  • HDMI cable to connect your PC and TV screen*

*These are optional but recommended to improve video and audio quality. The integrated camera and mic in the PC may not provide an optimal video meeting experience.

Recommended requirements

StarLeaf Room for Windows

Device type Windows PC
Operating system Windows 10
Processor Intel Core i5/i7 2015 or later
Memory 4GB Ram or above
Graphics card DirectX10 compatible

StarLeaf Room Control

Device type Tablet
Operating system Android 9.0 or later
Screen size 7 to 10 inches (17.78 to 25.4 cm)


Download and upload speeds of 1.5 Mbps for High Definition video conferencing. Content sharing and/or video functionality might be restricted at speeds below 384 kbps.

Known limitation

Content sharing is not yet possible through StarLeaf Room but is coming soon. Until then, you could:

  • join a meeting from a StarLeaf app on desktop or mobile to share content, or
  • use Logitech Screenshare

Installing StarLeaf Room for Windows

Follow all of the instruction sections below to complete your setup of StarLeaf Room for Windows and StarLeaf Room Control.

Section 1: Download StarLeaf Room for Windows

  1. Download the StarLeaf Room for Windows file to your PC from here.
  2. Click on the downloaded file in your browser to open it. StarLeaf Room installs.
  3. Select Finish.
  4. Select Get started.
  5. Select Sign in.
  6. You are redirected to your Portal Admin account to sign in. If you do not yet have an admin account, you can request a trial admin account here.

  7. Proceed to the next part, Section 2: Add StarLeaf Room for Windows in your Portal

Section 2: Add StarLeaf Room for Windows in your Portal

  1. Go to StarLeaf Portal
  2. Go to Room systems and select Add room system
  3. Complete the details for your room system such as the name, language, and site.
  4. In Hardware endpoint > Codec select StarLeaf Room for Windows
  5. Select Add Controller and choose StarLeaf Room Control
  6. Select Apply at the bottom of the page to generate two QuickConnect codes, one for the codec and one for the controller. Take note of these codes.

Section 3: Provision StarLeaf Room for Windows

  1. Enter the QuickConnect code for StarLeaf Room for Windows (generated in the StarLeaf Portal) on your Windows PC.
  2. Now move to your Android controller to begin the StarLeaf Room Control setup.

Section 4: Set up StarLeaf Room Control

  1. Download the StarLeaf Room Control app on your Android device. From your Android device, you can do this in three ways:
    • Click here
    • or go to the Google Play Store and search for StarLeaf Room Control
    • or scan the QR code provided on your Windows PC as shown below.

  2. In the Google Play Store, select Install > Continue
  3. If you are prompted to, enter your Google account password.
  4. Wait for the StarLeaf Room Control app to download onto your Android device.
  5. Open StarLeaf Room Control on your Android device.
  6. Press Get started.
  7. Select Continue.
  8. Select Continue again.
  9. Enter the QuickConnect code for StarLeaf Room Controller (generated in the StarLeaf Portal) on your room controller.
  10. When the QuickConnect code is accepted, StarLeaf Room Control displays this screen:

  11. Now move to your Windows PC to complete setup here.

Section 5: Configure AV settings

  1. On your Windows PC, select Next
  2. Configure your AV devices
  3. Select Next. Setup is complete.
  4. Select Start using StarLeaf Room
  5. The idle home screen of your StarLeaf Room will look something like this:

    The StarLeaf Room Control home screen looks something like this:


During installation, StarLeaf Room for Windows runs in the local PC and Android device’s language but when it is installed and has connected to the StarLeaf platform, StarLeaf Room will adopt the language settings that are configured for the organization or endpoint in the Portal (if they are different to the language settings on the PC or Android device).