If you have purchased a Poly Studio video conferencing bar, you can install it with StarLeaf Huddle. Before installing a StarLeaf Huddle room system, read the Huddle 3320 safety and compliance information.

Huddle pack contents and cable lengths

Below are the pack contents of StarLeaf Huddle. For the pack contents of a Poly Studio, refer to Poly Studio documentation .

  • Huddle codec
  • Cable dock (1.8m)
  • C10 camera (3m)
  • 0155 Microphone (3m)
  • Pronto Cable USB (0.5m + 4.8m)
  • Power supply (1.8m + 2m)
  • Ethernet cable (2m)
  • HDMI cable (1.8m)
  • Cable tie

How to install StarLeaf Huddle with Poly Studio

Before installing, you must configure the WiFi settings of the Poly Studio, by downloading Polycom Companion and connecting your device to a laptop or PC with a USB cable. For more information, go to PDMS-E Access for Polycom Studio .

For this installation you do not need the camera or microphone included in the Huddle pack contents.

  1. Place all the components where you want them in the room, making sure that they can all reach the cable dock.
  2. Connect the components below to the cable dock:
    • Poly Studio (USB-A)
    • Pronto cable (USB-A)
    • Network cable (Ethernet)
    • Room screen (HDMI)

  3. Connect the Poly Studio to its power supply.
  4. Connect Huddle using the in-built USB-C cable from the cable dock. Secure it using the cable tie provided.

  5. Connect the power supply to the cable dock. It may take a few minutes for the Huddle to initialize.
  6. Enter the QuickConnect code. See How to generate a QuickConnect code for more information.

How to generate a QuickConnect code

To complete StarLeaf Huddle installation, an admin must generate a QuickConnect code in the StarLeaf Portal:

  1. Go to the Room systems page in your Admin Portal.

  2. Click Add room system.
  3. Complete the room details for your Huddle:

  4. Go to Hardware endpoint > Device, and select StarLeaf Huddle.
  5. Click Apply to generate the QuickConnect code. The QC code appears in the Hardware endpoint section.

Technical specifications

Below are the technical specifications for StarLeaf Huddle. For the technical specifications of a Poly Studio, refer to Poly Studio documentation .


  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Full-color IPS display 10.1″ (diagonal)
  • 1920 x 1200 resolution
  • 89° viewing angle


  • Huddle
    H 113mm (4.45″), W 255mm (10.05″), D 163mm (6.40″)

Huddle connectivity

  • 1 x USB-C for connection to cable dock

Cable dock connectivity

  • 1 x RJ-45 for internet connection
  • 1 x HDMI 2.0 for connection to TV
  • 4 x USB-A for Pronto cable, microphone, camera and future use

Video support

  • Video and content 30fps

Temperature range

  • 0°C – 35°C (32°F – 95°F)

Known limitations

Reference ID Description

If or when a StarLeaf Huddle is turned off and on again, the MAC address can change to a random address. StarLeaf are working on a fix for this for existing Huddle room systems. Newly purchased Huddle room systems will not experience this issue