The connectors

The figure below shows the connectors on the Personal Telepresence 3020 (PT Mini) codec.

The table below describes the connectors:

Connector Description
Power Connect to the supplied AC/DC adaptor
PC Video In Optionally connect a laptop or PC for video, instead of a monitor
PC Audio In Port not currently in use
USB x3 Reserved USB connectors
Camera input USB connector. You connect the camera to this port
Monitor Out HDMI HDMI connector. Monitor Out connector outputs video (1080p60 only) to the screen. If you are also connecting a PC or laptop, connect it to HDMI port PC Video In
StarLeaf Phone Connect to the Personal Telepresence port on the rear of the StarLeaf Phone 2120 to allow communication between the phone and the PT Mini codec

Codec dimensions

Dimension Metric American
Width 165 mm 6.5 in.
Depth 110 mm 4.3 in.
Height 40 mm 1.6 in.