Installing Pronto Cable USB

These instructions are for a StarLeaf Pronto Cable USB 4100 installation with a StarLeaf room system.

Follow the appropriate instructions for your installation with one of the following StarLeaf products: Hub 20, Touch 2045, Touch 2036, Touch 2035 or room system codec. On this page:

Pronto pack contents

Pronto Cable USB
Cable tie (on the install sheet)
USB-A to USB Micro-B Angled USB Micro-B to USB Micro-B USB-C to USB Micro-B

Identify the right cable for your device

With Pronto, there are three separate cables in the pack contents but you only need one. To identify your required cable, see the table below. On the underside of every StarLeaf Touch is a label identifying whether it is a 2035 or 2036.

If you have a Touch 2035, you must connect Pronto to the room system codec.

Device Cable
Hub 20 USB-A to USB Micro-B

Touch 2045 USB-C to USB Micro-B

Touch 2036 Angled USB-B to USB Micro-B

Touch 2035 USB-A to USB Micro-B

Room system codec USB-A to USB Micro-B

Insert the cable to Pronto

  1. Slide off the mounting bracket from Pronto Cable.

  2. Slide open the Pronto Cable cover

  3. Lift the Cover off

  4. Remove the two cable restraints that are fitted

  5. Insert the appropriate cable into the USB Micro-B port

  6. Replace the two cable restraints tightly against the connector end to ensure that the cable remains in place

Connect Pronto to your device

Hub 20

  1. Insert the USB-A end of the Pronto Cable into one of the USB ports on the front of Hub 20.

Touch 2045

  1. Insert the single USB-C end of the Pronto Cable into one of the USB-C ports on the underside of the Touch 2045.

Touch 2036

  1. Insert the angled USB Micro-B end of the Pronto Cable into the USB Micro-B port on the underside of the Touch 2036.

  2. Secure the cable tie tightly around the Ethernet cable and the angled USB cable to position them as shown in the image above.

Touch 2035 or room system codec

  1. Insert the USB-A end of the Pronto Cable to the top USB port on the rear of the room system codec.