Pronto enables instant content sharing in a meeting room. When installed and connected, Pronto syncs your StarLeaf meetings to the room system. If you have a meeting that is due to start, the join button will appear on the room system touchscreen.

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Pronto pack contents

Pronto with angled micro USB-B cable fitted
Alternative cable with a USB-A connector and a micro USB-B connector
Cable tie (on the install sheet)

Cable connectors

Pronto Angled micro USB-B Micro USB-B USB-A

Identify your Touch and type of installation

On the underside of every StarLeaf Touch is a label identifying whether it is a 2035 or 2036. You cannot connect Pronto to the micro USB-B connector on the underside of a Touch 2035. If you have a Touch 2035, you will instead need to connect Pronto to the room system codec using the alternative USB-A cable.

Touch 2035/2036 Room system codec

How to install Pronto Cable USB

To install Pronto, select a topic below that applies to your room system.

How to install with a Touch 2036

Pronto comes with an angled micro USB-B cable fitted.

  1. Connect this angled cable to the micro USB port on the underside of the Touch 2036.
  2. Remove the cable tie from the bottom of the install sheet that comes in the shipping box.
  3. Secure the cable tie tightly around both the Ethernet cable and the angled cable to position them as they shown in the image below.

How to install with a Touch 2035 or room system codec

If you have a Touch 2035 you must connect Pronto directly to the room system codec. To do this, you must first remove the angled micro USB-B cable that is fitted to Pronto and replace it with the alternative USB-A cable that comes in the shipping carton. Follow the instructions below.

Replace the cable
  1. Slide off the mounting bracket from Pronto.
  2. Slide open Pronto and remove the cover.
  3. Remove the two cable restraints from Pronto and set aside.
  4. Remove the fitted micro USB-B cable from Pronto.
  5. Connect the micro USB-B end of the alternative USB-A cable to Pronto.
  6. Replace the two cable restraints tight against the connector end to ensure that the cable remains in place. You can fit the restraints in either orientation to get the best hold.
  7. Replace the cover of Pronto.
  8. Slide Pronto back into the mounting bracket (if you require this).
Connect to the room system

Connect the straight USB-A connector of the alternative cable to the top USB port on the rear of the room system codec.