From 1 June 2021, Pronto 210 will no longer be available to purchase. Pronto 210s that are currently in use by organizations will still be supported. You can still share your screen wirelessly to a room screen using StarLeaf; find out more here.

These instructions are for installing wireless sharing into an existing StarLeaf room system, using Hub 20. If you also purchased Pronto Cable USB for wired sharing, go to Installing Pronto Cable USB, for installation instructions.

Hub 20

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Pack contents

  • Pronto Hub 20
  • 2x antennas
  • USB keypad
  • Power supply
  • Ethernet cable
  • HDMI cable
  • HDMI to DVI-I adapter

How to install

To install wireless sharing into an existing room system with a GT Mini 3330:

  1. Place Hub 20 where you want it in the room. If you want to place it behind a room screen, make sure there is enough room for the antennas.
  2. Screw the antennas into the back of Hub 20.

  3. Connect the following to Hub 20:
    • Network (Ethernet)
    • Keypad (USB-A)
  4. Connect Hub 20 to the DVI-I port into the back of the GT Mini 3330, using the HDMI cable and DVI-I adapter provided.

  5. Connect the power supply to Hub 20. The power button lights up when booted, and your room screen displays the QuickConnect code screen.
  6. Enter the QuickConnect code using the keypad. To generate the QC code, admins must add Hub 20 to their StarLeaf portal. See How to generate a QuickConnect code.

It can take several minutes for StarLeaf to verify the QuickConnect code and download the firmware. When provisioning is complete, the room screen will turn to the idle screen, until content is presented.

The keypad is not required after installation is complete, and can be disconnected from Hub 20

How to generate a QuickConnect code

To complete Pronto 210 installation, an admin must generate a QuickConnect code in the StarLeaf Portal:

  1. Go to the Room systems page in your Admin Portal.

  2. Click Add room system.
  3. Enter the room details for your room system.

  4. In Hardware endpoint > Type, select StarLeaf Hub 20.
  5. Set the Sleep display to After 0 minutes.
  6. Click Apply to generate the QuickConnect code. The QC code appears in the Hardware endpoint section.

Technical Specifications

Content output

  • HDMI 2.0

Content input

  • Airplay: 1080p
  • Miracast: 1080p

Dimensions and cable lengths

  • Hub 20
  • H 32mm (1.2″), W 154mm (6.0″), D 108mm (4.2)


  • Pronto Hub 20
  • 1.05kg / 2.31 lbs

Power supply

  • AC-DC converter suitable to your region
  • Input: 100-240V AC, 1.5A, 50-60Hz
    Output: 19V DC, 3.43A, 65W max.

Power consumption

  • 8W typical, 5W power saving


  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible

Temperature range

  • 0°C – 40°C (32° – 104°F)

Firewall exceptions for Windows

Pronto 210 uses Miracast network ports to mirror your screen on Windows devices.

If you are using Pronto 210 with a direct WiFi connection to your device, you may have to add the following to your firewall exceptions:

Protocol and port Purpose
TCP 7250 Miracast session control
UDP 4000 RTP (video/audio)
UDP 4001 RTP (video/audio)