On 19 October 2019, the StarLeaf Phone 2105 was discontinued and is no longer available to purchase. Phone 2105s that are currently in use by organizations will still be supported. For the best experience with messaging, meetings, and calling, download StarLeaf for desktop and mobile. If you require a solution that provides calling to and from the global telephone network, VoiceConnect is an optional extra on your StarLeaf account.

The phone must be provisioned using the StarLeaf Portal. The StarLeaf Portal allows you to manage all StarLeaf endpoints in your organization, and to quickly make changes to any number of users/endpoints from within one account.

Provisioning the phone through the StarLeaf Portal

Either you or your reseller can register the phone using the StarLeaf Portal. To do this:

  1. Log in to the StarLeaf Portal.
  2. Go to User > Add User. You will see the Add User page:
  3. Provide the following user information:
    • Email address: A user’s email address is the unique identifier for that user. They receive an activation email to this email address. The user is not able to change the email address and uses it to log in to the StarLeaf Portal. The email address is a video address that any other StarLeaf user can dial to reach this user
    • First and Last name: A user’s first and last name are displayed on the StarLeaf device. The names are also used in the directory, in voice and videomail, and when sending invites to conferences and invites to use StarLeaf
    • When inputting names and addresses into the StarLeaf Portal, bear in mind that the phone supports European accented characters, but does not support far eastern characters.

    • Optional contact details: Cell, Work, and Home numbers. If specified, these appear in the company address book
    • Enable video mail: Ensure that this is selected in order for users to receive voicemail, or video mail on StarLeaf. If you deselect this, the user is not able to use voicemail at all on the phone
    • Optional overrides for language and time zone: the time zone is used for StarLeaf devices and for StarLeaf voice and video messages
  4. Register the endpoint as a phone by opening the Hardware endpoint dropdown and setting the Type to StarLeaf Phone 2105.
  5. Choose whether or not to send this user their account settings by email.
  6. Click Apply to submit the configuration. StarLeaf generates a unique QuickConnect code for this user. Refer to StarLeaf QuickConnect for more information on how to use this code.

Provisioning a user with StarLeaf

The StarLeaf Phone 2105 works in conjunction with StarLeaf. Allowing the user to have access to StarLeaf ensures they can set their favorites and manage their contacts on the phone. This access can be given on user creation, or by editing an existing user profile.

  1. In the Add User or Edit User page, open the StarLeaf section and select Allow StarLeaf.
    The StarLeaf login name is the user’s email address.
  2. Click Apply to submit the configuration changes.
    The user receives an account activation email with instructions for that user to activate their account. During the account activation, the user is provided with download instructions for StarLeaf.

The Advanced settings for both StarLeaf and hardware endpoints concern bandwidth capping and you should not alter these settings under most circumstances. Refer to the online help in the StarLeaf Portal for more information. Also note that the Advanced settings are not available to all organizations.

Accessing device information

When the phone has been provisioned, you can view the serial number, MAC address, and device version number on both the phone and the user’s profile on the StarLeaf Portal. To view the device information on the phone, press the soft key. To view the device information on the StarLeaf Portal, go to the User > Edit User page and open the Hardware endpoint section.

Removing the phone from a user profile

To remove the phone from a given user’s profile, follow the instructions for deprovisioning in Delete or disable a user.