StarLeaf Microphone

The StarLeaf microphone is provided with the StarLeaf GT Mini 3330 and Group Telepresence 3351. Its features include

  • Omni-directional pick up pattern
  • 80Hz – 16kHz frequency response
  • > 70dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • Boundary mode operation
  • XLR connection. (XLR plugs on the microphone cables are ‘male’)
  • Mute button with dual-colour LED indicator to provide muting control and status when used with StarLeaf endpoints
  • 6.5m XLR cable that can be extended by up to 100m
  • Designed to be resistant to RF interference
  • When connected via USB, maximum cable length is 5m

Phantom power

StarLeaf room systems offer phantom power through each of their XLR connectors for use by active microphones, such as the StarLeaf Microphone. To enable or disable the phantom power supply for each XLR connector in a room system:

  1. Go to the Room systems page on your Admin Portal, and click the edit icon in the row of the room system which you want to create a preset for. You are directed to the Edit room system page:

  2. Open the Audio and video settings dropdown.
  3. Under Audio inputs, select a microphone from the Device dropdown, then tick/untick the Phantom power box.

  4. Click Apply.

Phantom power is compatible with active microphones, which are designed for 48V phantom power. The specifications of the power supply are:

  • Output voltage when operational, no load: 45.3V +/- 4%
  • Output voltage when muted, no load: 35.3V +/- 4%
  • Power output source impedance: 1.975kOhms +/- 2%