Before you can register your Avaya Scopia XT4000 or XT5000 endpoints to the StarLeaf platform, you must first add it to the StarLeaf Portal. Refer to How to add an H.323 endpoint to the StarLeaf Portal.

To configure the H.323 settings of the Avaya Scopia XT4000 or XT5000 endpoint, you must access its web interface:

  1. Enable H.323. To do this, go to Administrator Settings > Protocols > Use H.323 and select Yes.

  2. Go to Administrator Settings > Protocols > H.323 > General and under:
    • H.323 Name: enter the H.323 ID/name from the Portal
    • For E.164: enter the Directory number from the Portal

  3. Go to Administrator Settings > Protocols > H.323 > Gatekeeper and:
    • For Use gatekeeper: select Yes
    • For IP Address: enter the IP address of your StarLeaf gatekeeper. You need to enter the IP address rather than the subdomain name. To discover the IP address, ping your organization’s subdomain to discover the IP address of the StarLeaf gatekeeper service for this H.323 endpoint. That is, ping [your organization name]
    • For Authentication, select Yes
    • For Mode, select auto
    • Leave the Gatekeeper ID empty
    • For User Name and Password, enter the authentication password and name from the Portal
  4. To test the configuration, call the H.323 ID of the Avaya Scopia XT4000 or XT5000 endpoint from any StarLeaf device. If the call does not work, reboot the Avaya Scopia endpoint and retry.