Before you can register your Lifesize endpoint to the StarLeaf platform, you must first add it to the StarLeaf Portal. Refer to How to add an H.323 endpoint to the StarLeaf Portal.

The configuration of Lifesize Team endpoint and Lifesize Passport endpoint is the same.

To configure the H.323 settings of the Lifesize endpoint, you must access its web interface and make some changes. To do so:

  1. Find the IP address of the Lifesize endpoint. It is in the top-right of the Lifesize display:

  2. Enter the administrator panel by clicking Click here to launch.
  3. There is no default password; simply click Submit. If this does not work then contact your system administrator.
  4. To edit the H.323 settings go to Preferences > Communications > H.323.

  5. Use the following settings:
    • H.323: Enabled
    • H.323 Name: enter the H.323 ID / name from the Portal
    • H.323 Extension: enter the H.323 ID / name from the Portal
    • Gatekeeper ID: enter the subdomain from the Portal. For example:
    • Gatekeeper Mode: set to Manual. The gatekeeper settings now display
    • Gatekeeper IP Address 1: enter the IP address of the gatekeeper service. To find the IP address, you must ping your organization’s subdomain. (That is, ping [your organization name] Set the port to 1719, which is the default H.323 port
    • H.460: Enabled
    • Gatekeeper 2 settings: leave these blank
    • Gatekeeper Authentication:If you set an authentication password in the Portal, enable this option, and enter the authentication name and password from the Portal
  6. If any SIP settings are enabled, these need to be disabled. SIP settings are located within Preferences > Communications > SIP.
  7. To test the configuration, call the H.323 ID of the endpoint from any StarLeaf device. If the call does not work, reboot the endpoint and retry.

Configuring the endpoints to display the directory

This is an example LDAP endpoint configuration that applies to pre-Icon endpoints. To configure the directory on older Lifesize endpoints, such as Passport and Team, go to Preferences > Directory > LDAP.