When configuring a third-party H.323 endpoint to register it to the StarLeaf platform, first add it to the StarLeaf Portal (as described below) and then configure the settings on the endpoint (referring to our vendor-specific articles on configuring Polycom Group, Polycom HDX, Lifesize Passport and Team, Lifesize Icon, Cisco EX90, MXP, SX20, and C Series, and Avaya Scopia XT4000/XT5000).

Adding the endpoint to the Portal

To register a third-party endpoint to the StarLeaf platform, you must first add it to the Portal as a Room System. To do so:

  1. Log in to the Portal and select Room systems > Add room system.
  2. Enter the name that you want for the meeting room system; this is the name that appears in conferences and in the directory.
  3. In the Hardware Endpoint section, for Type, select H.323. If your endpoint requires an authentication password, enter it.
  4. Select Apply. The Portal provides you with the necessary H.323 device information:

You need this device information when you configure the H.323 endpoint:

  • Gatekeeper address: StarLeaf provides all gatekeeper functionality for this endpoint. This is the address you need to use when configuring the gatekeeper on your H.323 endpoint. Some older endpoints require this to be entered as a dotted decimal IP address, and will not accept a DNS hostname. In this case, ping <your organization name>.call.sl to find out the IP address that it resolves to. This IP address can occasionally change for StarLeaf operational reasons, so you should advise StarLeaf Support if you have to enter the IP address so that we can let you know if we ever have to change it
  • H.323 ID / name: a unique 9-digit identifier in the customers call.sl subdomain
  • Authentication name: the authentication name for the endpoint, which is also the directory number of this endpoint in the customer’s StarLeaf deployment
  • Authentication password: choose your own password (optional for most endpoints)

StarLeaf also provides you with dialing details for the H.323 endpoint:

  • Video address: anyone using an Internet-connected video endpoint anywhere can call this H.323 endpoint using this video address
  • Directory number: anyone using an endpoint within this customer’s deployment can dial this H.323 endpoint using this directory number
  • Legacy video address: anyone outside of this customer’s deployment, using an older-style H.323 endpoint connected to the Internet, can dial this H.323 endpoint using this address. (Older-style H.323 endpoints do not allow people to dial letters before an @ sign.)