The connectors

The figure below shows the connectors on the rear of the GTm 5250 codec.

The table below describes the connectors:

Microphone In XLR-F connectors. Connect one or two StarLeaf microphones
Audio line-in3.5mm line level stereo audio connector. You can input audio from a computer for example. This audio input can be heard at the far end of any video call
Audio line-out3.5mm stereo audio connector. Connect to the screen or to a local loudspeaker system
COM This port is for a 4P4C connector providing an RS-232 interface. This is the same connector used in RJ9, RJ10, and RJ22. There is an API option for the GTm and an API guide is available
Camera controlMini-DIN-8 connector for controlling zoom, pan, and tilt using VISCAâ„¢ protocol. Connect the camera control cable from the PTZ video conferencing camera
Camera input HDMI connector. Connect the camera cable from the PTZ video conferencing camera
Computer In HDMI and DVI-I connectors. Connect a PC to share a desktop in a video call. In the case where you have connected a PC to both connectors, content can be shared from the last PC that was connected
Video Out HDMI x2HDMI connectors. These connectors output video (1080p60 only) to the screens
USBReserved for future expansion
Network 10/100/1000 Mbit/s auto-sensing Ethernet port. Connect to the network
StarLeaf Controller Connect to the StarLeaf touchscreen controller
Power An IEC mains power connector . The codec automatically adjusts to the supply voltage. Use the supplied power cable to connect the codec to the power. Connect all other cables before connecting the power


There are Power and Status LEDs on the front of the codec. LED behavior is described in GTm 5250 LED behavior.


The GTm 5250 is designed to fit into a 19″ communications rack and occupies 1.5U of height.

Width420 mm16.55 in.
Depth210 mm8.5 in.
Height (with feet attached)72mm2.9 in.
Height (without feet attached)65mm2.6 in.

Using the correct HDMI and DVI cables

When connecting HDMI or DVI cables to the camera inputs, the PC input, and the display outputs, ensure you use the correct gauge of HDMI/DVI cable. For short cable lengths of up to 5m (17 feet), use 28AWG or thicker core. For longer lengths, use 24AWG or thicker. StarLeaf does not support the use of HDMI or DVI cables of longer than 15m (49 feet) with the codec.

Extending the camera cables

StarLeaf room systems that use a PTZ camera are provided with camera connection cables of 5m in length. If you need to install the camera further than 5m from the room system, you must extend those cables.

You can extend those cables using a third-party product called an extender. This product effectively carries the media and camera-control signals across a cat 6 Ethernet cable.

StarLeaf has partnered with Sound Control Technologies to provide this solution which is available at