Prior to GTm software release 1.2, you must use the supplied audio injector to connect the screens to the codec. From GTm release 1.2 onwards, you can connect directly from the Mini DisplayPort to the screen using the supplied cables (without the need for an audio injector). (Prior to GTm 1.2 audio only emitted from the USB connector. Release 1.2 enabled audio to emit from the Mini DisplayPort connectors on the rear of the codec.)

If you have a GTm 5140 already installed with an audio injector and you want to re-install it without the audio injector, you need to contact StarLeaf Technical Support.

For information about installing the GTm 5140 without the audio injector, refer to How to install GTm 5140.

Connecting screens and the audio injector

  1. Connect the Mini DisplayPort cable on the audio injector to Screen 1.
  2. Connect the USB cable on the audio injector to one of the available USB ports not currently used by the camera or microphone (as shown in the diagram below).
  3. Connect an HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the audio injector, with the other end connected to the telepresence screen from which you want the audio to be heard (screen one).

If you want to set up a second screen:

  1. Connect the Mini DisplayPort cable on the Mini Display Port to HDMI adaptor to Screen 2.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable on the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor to the telepresence screen (screen two).