You can integrate a smartboard with a StarLeaf GT Mini 3330 meeting room system. Integrating in this way means that you can share the smartboard on video calls in the same way as you would share content from a PC. You use the smartboard as the screen for the GT Mini in a single-screen system or as screen 2 in a dual-screen system.

There are many different smartboards available. They fall into two categories: internal PC and external PC. The category dictates how to integrate with the GT Mini.

This article provides generic information about smartboard integration. StarLeaf has not extensively tested every smartboard. StarLeaf cannot control the resolution of the image that the Smartboard sends to the GT Mini. On some smartboards, you may need to alter the settings of the Video Output.

Smartboard with external PC

If the smartboard has an external PC, there are two cables connecting the PC and the smartboard: a video cable, and a USB cable. The video cable sends the image to the smartboard. The USB cable transmits signals (e.g. from a person touching the smartboard screen) back to the PC. To integrate with StarLeaf, you need to think of the GT Mini as being ‘inserted’ in the video cable between the PC and the smart board.

  1. Do not move the USB connection
  2. Connect the PC Video Out to the GT Mini Computer In port
  3. Connect the GT Mini Video Out HDMI port (HDMI B if dual screen) into the Video In port of the Smartboard. Note that if the smartboard has multiple video input choices, you might need to change a setting in the Smartboard itself to select the video input port.

Smartboard with internal PC

If the smartboard has an internal PC, it is possible to integrate with a GT Mini. You need to take a video output from the smartboard, connect that to the GT Mini Computer In port and connect the GT Mini’s HDMI Video Out to another video input on the smartboard.