Before or during your room system installation, it is recommended that you consider the following to get the best meeting experience:

Optimizing your room

It is recommended that your meeting space has:

  • Good lighting. Make sure the light source is either directly above you or behind the camera
  • A non-reflective table
  • Either sound proofing or furnishings to reduce noise
  • Is in a non disruptive location (e.g not next to a kitchen or entrance hall)

Audio and video setup

It is recommended that you do the following:

  • Optimize your TV settings (e.g use 1080p, and/or select ‘Game’ or ‘Movie’ mode)
  • Place your controller and microphone in a central location
  • Position the camera to be in-line or above where people will sit in the room
  • Configure camera presets and other audio and video settings at StarLeaf Portal > Room systems > Edit room system > Audio and video settings