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About the Sony SRG-120DH

Sony SRG-120DH
Use case Small to very large meeting rooms
Video quality Excellent
Low light capability Excellent
Camera max resolution 1080p60
Horizontal field of view 71°
Upside-down mounting
Optical zoom 12x
Video connection HDMI
Camera control connection VISCA – Mini-DIN
(W x H x D)
153 × 156 × 153 mm

Dimensions of required mounting shelf
(to accommodate connected cables)

160 x 200 mm

Installing the Sony SRG-120DH camera

Before you install the camera, read the safety information in the documentation that accompanies the camera.

The camera is supplied without a remote control as you control the camera with the StarLeaf Group Telepresence system.

Ensure that you connect the video and camera control cables before connecting power to the camera.

The rear view of the camera, shown below, indicates where to connect the cables:

To install the camera:

  1. Connect the supplied cable to the HDMI (video out) port on the camera. Connect the other end to the Camera In connector on the codec.
  2. Connect the supplied camera control cable to the VISCA IN (RS-232) port on the camera. Connect the other end to the Camera Control port on the codec.
  3. Ensure the camera has the correct settings:

    Ensure that the System Select controller is correctly set. It must be set to 7. Do not alter this setting.

    On the base of the camera, there is a set of tiny switches. Do not alter these from their default settings (all OFF).

  4. Connect power to the DC 12V power input connector.

Maximum field of view at 2m

Dimensions and mounting for Sony SRG-120DH

The following images detail the dimensions of the Sony SRG-120DH camera:

The following image shows the position of the mounting holes on the underside of the camera:

Sony SRG-120DH has a flashing light

If the Sony SRG-120DH camera appears not to be working and the light for the power saving mode is flashing, it could be suffering from a ‘position detection error’.

This state can be caused by any of the following:

  • Interrupting camera movement during camera start up
  • Interrupting camera movement when you have sent it a movement command
  • Moving the camera from the sleep position

To resolve this issue, restart the camera.