If you need to use a longer VISCA cable than the one provided with the StarLeaf room system, refer to the following cable requirements:

  • VISCA cables are available in ‘crossed’ and ‘straight-through’ configurations; StarLeaf room systems require straight-through cable
  • The plugs should seat well into the socket on the rear of the room system. On some room systems, the sockets are slightly recessed behind the back panel; take care that cables with larger shrouds on the connectors are seated correctly into the sockets (you may need to modify the cables)


Below is the pinout for the Camera Control connector on the rear of a StarLeaf room system.

Pin Function Direction on StarLeaf Room System
1 DSR Input
2 DTR Output
3 RX Input
5 TX Output
7 IR Input
8 MD Output

The Camera Control connector with pins numbered (view into the GT socket):