Under some circumstances, users of ‘normal’ Windows laptops or PCs (not virtual machines) see the error message ‘StarLeaf Breeze is not supported on a virtual machine’ when trying to install StarLeaf Breeze. When you install StarLeaf Breeze, it performs a number of tests to ensure that the installation is successful. If your PC displays this error message, it means that your PC has failed one of these tests.

Factors unrelated to virtual machines, can cause the tests to fail. The underlying cause is that something on the computer is preventing the installation of an executable file.

Examples of such causes are:

  • Anti-virus software. Check that your anti-virus software allows applications to be installed on your PC
  • App blocking software that only allows the installation of pre-approved software
  • Windows security or user policies preventing users from installing software

Check with your system administrator to see if any security or app management software, security policies or limitations on user permissions are in place that might be preventing Breeze from installing on your PC. If you still cannot install Breeze successfully, contact StarLeaf Support.