If you need to use an MSI installer, to mass-deploy StarLeaf Breeze for Windows to multiple end-users, you can find one at the link below. Clicking the link starts the download automatically.

Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10

Upgrades are carried out automatically by StarLeaf; there is no management overhead for the local users.

The StarLeaf Breeze MSI installer provides a machine-wide installation under the Windows Program Files directory. When a user logs in and launches Breeze, individual user settings are stored in files in the user’s local AppData folder. These include authentication tokens and preferred audio and video device. For the best user experience, it is recommended that the files in the AppData folder persist across users sessions. If the user’s AppData folder is not maintained, then the user will need to sign in again.

Contact StarLeaf Technical Support if you have any issues.