As the first Standby user in your organization, you must provide the email address associated with your Microsoft Office 365 Global Administrator account to your StarLeaf representative who will add it to your newly created Standby account.

After this, you can sign into StarLeaf Standby for the first time and activate your email address with the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address, full name, and create a password.
  3. Click Save. An activation email is sent to you.
  4. In your email, click on the activation link provided to verify your email address with StarLeaf Standby.
  5. When your email address is verified, select Continue.
  6. Sign into StarLeaf Standby with the credentials you used in Step 2.

If you are not the first Standby user, you may need to wait until your Standby account is approved by your organization admin before you receive a verification email.

When you have successfully signed into StarLeaf Standby, proceed to the Configuration tab to complete your setup.


Complete your Standby account setup with the following steps in Configuration:

  1. Click Edit on your organization account name.
  2. Enter your Office 365 Global Administrator credentials and follow the permissions requests.
  3. If there is no StarLeaf access token, follow steps (i) – (iii) below. If there is an access token, proceed to Step 4.
    1. You must generate a StarLeaf access token. Follow the instructions here.
    2. Click Edit on StarLeaf access token
    3. Enter your new StarLeaf access token.
  4. Note: Your StarLeaf representative may have already completed Steps 3(i), 3(ii), and 3(iii) for you.

  5. Enable or Disable SMS for sending meeting invites and broadcasts by SMS during a failover.
  6. You cannot edit the Cache period.

  7. Click Continue.

StarLeaf Standby begins to initialize. When this is complete, proceed to the Admin tab to add more administrators to your account (optional).