Download the StarLeaf app, the Microsoft Outlook Scheduling Add-in, Breeze, endpoint control modules, and more…

StarLeaf app

The StarLeaf app is available for:

Administrators wanting to mass-deploy StarLeaf for Windows, can find more information here.

Microsoft Outlook add-ins

StarLeaf Outlook Add-in for Exchange Server

For Microsoft Windows only, download the add-in here .

For information on how to mass deploy this add-in to a group of users, go to Outlook Add-in for Exchange Server: admin guide.

StarLeaf Outlook Add-in for Office 365

For Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac and Outlook Online, download the add-in here .

For information on how to mass deploy this add-in to a group of users, go to Deploy Office add-ins in the Office 365 admin center .

StarLeaf Breeze

StarLeaf Breeze will no longer be updated and is now in maintenance mode. Everyone can now download and sign into the new StarLeaf app. (Go to our app download page ). For the best experience with messaging, meetings, and calling, we recommend that you download the new StarLeaf app.

From your iPad:

For best results, follow the Minimum requirements for Breeze.

Endpoint Control Modules


Extron have developed a StarLeaf module for the GT Mini 3330, Group Telepresence 3351 and GTm 5250.

To download an Extron control module, go to the Extron web site .

Crestron and AMX

The Crestron / AMX modules StarLeaf provide do not implement a complete UI. These modules are designed to provide an underlying layer of communication with the StarLeaf endpoint, and also to provide a very simple, sample UI.

The sample UI allows the Crestron / AMX programmer to use the module to build a custom UI suited to their needs for the project at hand. The available modules only support IP connectivity at this time.

For GT Mini and GT 3351 (StarLeaf Cloud)

For modules compatible with GT Mini 3330 and GT 3351, contact StarLeaf support.

For GTm (Skype for Business)

For modules compatible with GTm 5250 or 5140, contact StarLeaf support.